Prevention and Control of Coronavirus outbreak at the College of Machinery and Irrigation

Prevention and Control of Coronavirus outbreak at the College of Machinery and Irrigation

Under complicated state of the novel coronavirus epidemic caused by a new coronavirus (Covid-19). Strictly following the instructions of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dong Nai People’s Committee on the outbreak’s prevention, the College of Machinery and Irrigation has set up a Steering Committee for the outbreak prevention to promptly make plan and put in action the activities to prevent the epidemic like propagating the prevention measures under the guidance of the Ministry of Health to prevent the outbreak spreading, ensure the social order and safety and protect the health and safety for workers, officials and students of the College as well as the local community.

The College has strictly follow the guidelines of superior authorities and inform it to officials, employees and students while actively implemens many prevention measures such as: advise people to avoid crowded areas, encourage students to wear masks in public places and buy additional hand washing liquids or familiars…, spread information about the evils, damages and risks of spreading with corresponding consequences via panels which also illustrate the prevention measures like wearing mask properly, washing hands often with soap, clean water or alcohol-based hand rubs.etc..

An instruction board on how to prevent Covid-19 posted within the Campus

In addition, the College also cooperates with the Preventive Medical Center of Trang Bom district to conduct disinfectant spray at classrooms, practice workshops, working rooms, dormitories in the College.

Spraying disinfectant to prevent the epidemics in workshops, classrooms, function departments.

So far, though no case of infection has been confirmed in Dong Nai, concerning the complicated situation and the sharply ongoing increase infections outside the country, the management of the College has decided to allow students to temporarily absent from class following the direction of the Provincial People’s Committee until the end of Februare 22, 2020 while continuing to take the measures to prevent and control the outbreak caused by the coronavirus, in contribution to ensuring public order and health safety for officials, employees and students of the College./.

The Committee for the outbreak prevention

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