Faculty of Driving Training

Faculty of Driving Training

Associated Dean:  Tran Van Chien, Engineer

Office: Zone C – Faculty of Driving Training

Phone: 0905.988.857; Mobile: 0905.988.857

Email: [email protected]

1- Position and functions

– Faculty of Driving Training is the faculty under the College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI). The Faculty has the function of driving training at primary level as prescribed;

– Managing lecturers, students and property assigned by the College;

2-  Responsibilities and authority

– Faculty of Electric – Electronic Engineering has the responsibilities and authority stipulated at Clause 4, Article 14 of Regulation on organization and operation of the VCMI issued at Decision No. 02/QD-CG&TL dated 02 January 2018, as follows:

Teaching and learning

– Teaching vocational subjects at the primary level according to the overall plan of the College.

– Developing and supplementing the curriculum, syllabus, outline of subjects, exam banks, reference materials, equipment, facilities for teaching,  learning and examinations (if any) .

– Managing lecturers, assigning lecturers according to the training schedule, adjusting the schedule when necessary.

– Implementing training management work: managing marks and making document work and recordkeeping as regulated; implementing the plan and coordinating with other departments and faculties to prepare for examinations as prescribed.

– Developing plans and proposals on  training needs to improve professional skills for faculties and lecturers of the Faculty

– Carrying out scientific research according to regulations and participating in movements and contests launched by the College

– Proposing the establishment of divisions for subjects (if necessary).

Managing students’ affairs

– Assigning form teachers for classes

– Collaborating well with other departments, faculties, offices in the College as well as parents to give students the comprehensive education for their growth.

Other tasks

– Carrying out political and ideological education, ethics and lifestyle education for College’s staff; periodically organizing the assessment and classification of officials and lecturers according to regulations.

– Managing, exploiting and using effectively material facilities and equipment; planning materials, equipment, maintenance plans; arranging workshops and implementing 5S standards.

– Collaborating with departments, the Center Center of enrollment assistance and career counseling to organize internships in enterprises, provide job opportunities for students after graduation.

– Collaborating with the Department of Accounting and Finance to check the payment situation of tuition fees, exam fees and other revenues in semesters and school years.

– Implementing the annual internal accreditation according to the plan.

– Joining the Advisory Boards under the Decision of the Rector

– Implementing reporting regime as prescribed by the Rector .

– Performing other duties assigned by the Rector.

3- Organizational structure

Based on the assigned functions and responsibilities, the expected staffing of the Faculty: 15 persons, including:

+ Dean: 01 person

+ Associated Dean: 01 person

+ Lecturers: 13 persons

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