Department of Science and International Cooperation

Department of Science and International Cooperation

Deputy Head of Department: M.A. Bui Ngoc Chau

Office: Zone A – Department of Science and International Cooperation

Phone: 0938.100667


 1. Position and functions:

– Department of Science and International Cooperation is the unit under the College of Machinary and Irrigation (VCMI). It has functions: Developing and organizing to implement the annual scientific research plan, advising the Rector of scientific research and International cooperation affairs according to regulations.

– Managing officials, staff and assets assigned by the Rector.

2. Responsibilities and authority

Department of Science and International Cooperation has the responsibilities and authority stipulated at Clause 4.6, Article 13 of Regulation on organization and operation of VCMI issued at Decision 02/QD-CG&TL dated 02/01/2018, as follow:

Managing scientific and technology research affairs

– Developing plans, tasks of research, scientific application, technology transfer of the College;

– Implementing the procedure of registration of scientific research projects and topics; track and manage the progress of implementation of the plan and organize acceptance of scientific research projects and topics, experience initiatives;

– Introducing achievements and scientific and technological products to the units in the College; Consulting, proposing measures to apply scientific research results to training and production practices;

– Managing scientific and technological information affairs, publishing journals and editing scientific documents;

– Organize and manage the compilation, printing and evaluation of textbooks, learning materials, reference books in service of teaching, learning and research;

– Organize and manage scientific research activities in students;

– Coordinate with related units to organize scientific workshops and conferences, summarizing and rewarding scientific research work;

– Coordinate with functional units to deal with personnel, equipment, material, funding and regimes affairs related to scientific and technological activities.

International cooperation tasks

– Proposing orientations for developing international cooperation relations of the College to meet the requirements of building and developing the College;

– Develop plans to establish international cooperation, organize seminars, workshops, invite foreign experts to teach and exchange experiences; receive and organize the translation of documents for special subjects;

– Coordinate with the Department of Administrative Organization to organize and manage inbound and outbound delegations in accordance with the provisions of the Government and the College; perform procedures to invite and apply for visas for inbound and outbound delegations. Set up programs, organize the reception, arrange accommodation, work, visit, travel, ensure activities and prepare gifts for foreign visitors;

– Store information and documents on international cooperation strictly according to current regulations; manage the program and content of activities of the units in the College of international cooperation;

Other tasks:

– Conduct research and reasonably apply scientific and technological advances to the College’s scientific research work;

– Managing personnel and equipment of the Department;

– Make extraordinary reports, periodic reports on scientific research and international cooperation;

– Proposing to Divisions, Faculties and Departments to implement regulations on scientific research and to solve violations of regulations on scientific research in the College.

– Perform other duties assigned by the college leaders.


Based on the assigned functions and responsibilities, the expected staffing of the Department: 5 persons, including:

+ Head of Department: 01 person

+ Deputy Head of Department: 01 person

+ Staff: 03 persons.

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