Head : M.S Bui Manh Hung

Address: Zone A- Department of accreditation and quality assurance

Telephone : 0989.117.317


1- Position and functions

– The department of accreditation and quality assurance is a functional unit of the College of Machinery and Irrigation. The Department has the function of developing plans, managing, organizing and advising the Rector about testing and quality assurance of VCMI’s training.

– Manage staffs, and assets of the unit assigned by the Rector.

2- Responsibilities and authorities

–  The Testing and Quality Assurance Department has the responsibilities and authority stipulated at Clause 4.5, Article 13 of Regulation on organization and operation of VCMI issued at Decision 02/QD-CG&TL dated 02/01/2018, as follow:

* Testing and Quality Assurance:

– Advising to help the Rector to develop the systems of documents on quality assurance.

– Developing the plans and organizing the examinations according to the Statutes and Regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Training.

-Responsible for coordinating the Departments, Faculties, and Professional Groups to organize the examinations, starting at the stage of setting, receiving, and organizing examinations, marking and storing , analyzing and handling the exam results

– Collaborating with The Training Departments, Specialized Departments to develop the exam bank  for each module and subject. Developing the processes for examining and finishing exams.

– Proposing to improve the methods, evaluate student’s learning results in accordance with the training level.

-Organizing and evaluating the training quality through the tests  and graduations of students. Coordinating with the departments to participate and monitor exams

-Coordinating with departments to take part in and observe the exams and assess the result of students, the quality of training, the exams and evaluations.

-Offering the methods and solutions, developing plans, programs, processes of the inspection, examination, evaluation, investigation in order to improve the quality of training, management and administration of the faculties, divisions, units attached to VCMI.

– Organizing the examination and inspection of the training.

– Receiving all kinds of the applications, documents which related to the testing and quality assurance.

* Performing the  accreditation of the vocational training

– Based on the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs about the vocational training quality accreditation to advise the Principal to organize and develop the assessment and self-assessment by periodically and annually: School accreditation; high quality school accreditation and excellent training center.

– Developing the processes and  tables on quality assessment according to the criteria for accreditation. Drafting the decisions and documents on  self-assessment to submit to the Rector.

-Developing and implementing the plans for self-accrediting vocational training of VCMI. Coordinating with the units to conduct self-accrediting of each unit.

– Colleting and storing the evidences for the accreditation;

* Other Tasks:

– Studying and applying the scientific and technological advances to the examinations and accreditation of VCMI.

– Participating in the  national and international cooperation  in the field of the testing and quality assurance.

– Managing the staffs and equipment of the Department.

– Carrying out the surveys, general statistics and irregular reports, periodic reports about training accreditation, examinations, testing and the results of exams and tests by students;

– Proposing to the Departments and Faculties provide the methods to implement  the testing and quality assurance.

– Advising the Rector to solve the issues that violate the statutes and regulations of the testing and quality assurance of VCMI.

– Performing the other duties assigned by the Rector.

3. Organization structure:

– Based on the assigned functions and responsibilities, the expected staffing of the Department: 5 persons, including:

+ Head: 01 person

+ Deputy Head: 01 person

+ Staffs, Specialists: 03 persons

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