Center of Enrollment Assistance and Career Counselling

Center of Enrollment Assistance and Career Counselling

Director: M.S. Pham Ngoc Tuyen

Office: Department of Students Affairs

Phone: 0968.241.116



Vice Director: Nguyen Duc Tho

Office: Department of Students Affairs

Phone: 0978274679


1- Position and functions

– Centre of Enrollment Assistance and Career Counselling is a center of the College of Machinary and Irrigation (VCMI). The center has the function of advising, developing plans and organizing the work of organizing enrollment, advising learners to choose careers suitable to the needs of the labor market; oriented-occupation; job placement counseling and support for learners. It helps learners to orient career, to be active and to be creative in studying to promote career competence after graduation.

– Manage the staff and assets of the unit assigned by the College.

2- Responsibilities and authority

– Centre of Enrollment Assistance and Career Counselling has the responsibilities and authority stipulated at Clause 5.1, Article 13 of Regulation on organization and operation of the VCMI issued at Decision No. 02/QD-CG&TL dated 02/01/2018, as follows:


– Developing and implementing a plan for the enrollment of various types of annual training.

– Proposing plans and measures to complete the enrollment targets for years.

– Presiding over the implementation of public relations and marketing activities to serve the College’s enrollment.


– Preparing all conditions, facilities, personnel for the enrollment in accordance with the general situation every year.

– Preparing all administrative procedures, records for the enrollment in accordance with the current regulations of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; archives administrative records of the year to ensure safety, easy for lookup, search.

– Directly receive admission documents in accordance with current regulations; summarizing, reporting data, preparing procedures for regular and irregular admission council meetings; archiving records of admission for years to ensure safety, easy to lookup and search.

– Presiding over the organization of the annual Admissions Conference to summarize the enrollment results of the year and propose admissions directions, measures and plans for the following year.

Career Counselling Tasks

– Free advice on vocational training, employment and policies related to labor relations in accordance with the Labor law.

– Free job placement advice for apprentices upon graduation and employees, supply and recruit workers at the request of employers.

– Advising learners on some skills when looking for jobs such as: how to write resumes and job applications, necessary skills when interviewing, communicating with employers.

– Building a database of graduates for each academic year to provide organizations and individuals with labor demand.

– Supporting the Department of Student Affairs, Training Department to survey, statistic on employment of students after graduation and collecting feedback from employers about the quality and ability to meet job requirements of graduates after graduation.

– Coordinating with the Student Affairs Department, Training Department to contact students who have studied at successful schools in business, production or other organizations and individuals that have conditions to support internships and practice activities, jobs and other activities to support learners.

Corporate cooperation

– Actively seek relationships with partners of enterprises who are willing to cooperate with the College, propose the Rector to establish relationships;

– Be the contact point with businesses to find internships for teachers and students. Sign training cooperation and other business related activities. Counseling, finding and introducing jobs for students who are studying and have graduated; organize support services.

– Making a plan to link activities between the College and enterprises inside and outside the province on the training of human resources to meet social needs.

– Coordinating with the Training Department to conduct surveys, assess the quality of training, employment and social needs, propose specific training programs for each occupation required by the business. Organize, manage and associate with businesses to conduct on-demand training and on-demand application research activities.

– Regularly informing students about the labor market, the labor recruitment needs of enterprises and recruitment to help students take the necessary preparation steps to meet the requirements of the labor market after graduation.

Doing other tasks:

– Making reports at the request of superiors in their assigned fields.

– Doing other tasks as assigned by the Rector and the Vice Rector in charge.

3- Organizational structure

Based on the assigned functions and responsibilities, the expected staffing of the center: 5 persons, including:

+ Director: 01 person

+ Vice director: 01 person

+ Staff: 03 persons

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