Project Development of Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation toward a Centre of Excellence for Green TVET in Vietnam.

Project Development of Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation toward a Centre of Excellence for Green TVET in Vietnam.

Within the frame of Vietnamese – German development coopperation on Reform of VET in Vietnam, the German Government has been supporting the Vietnamese government in Reform of TVET. The overall objective of Vietnamese – German development cooperation on TVET  is improving the supply of labor force skilled on the needs of the labor market serving the green and sustainable economy in Vietnam . Under agreement between the two Government, GIZ has conducted surveys repeatedly vocational training institutions in Vietnam, and proposed to the Vietnamese Government (through the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs) for selection of Vocational College Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI) – the only one of those qualified for the Project “Programme Reform of program of technical vocational education and training – Center of Excellence for Green TVET ”. Accordingly, the Vietnamese and German Government (through KfW and GIZ) have agreed to develop the Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI) toward a (Regional) Center of Excellence for Green TVET (regional ).

The goal of the project is to enhance VCMI’s training capacity and facilities in order to build the College into a Centre of Excellence of Green TVET based on German standards; Green modules are intergrated into occupations in the fields of Machinery, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Technology, Electrical – Electronics, Refrigeration, Information Technology, contributing to the supply of highly qualified labor to meet the needs of developing a “green” and sustainable economy in the process of industrialization, modernization and international integration of Vietnam.

A working session between the College’s leadership and GIZ and KfW experts:

The expected results of the Project include:

– The landscape and education environment are upgraded with “Green” elements;

– A center of Excellence for Green TVET with modern buildings and workshops, integrating technology modules to control devices in modern buildings, einvironment- friendly renewable energy Green environment are used and put into operation;

– The training equipments are modernized and synchronized to the training lines of selected occupations;;

– The vocational training programs that are time –savings and cost – efficent in terms of practical materials are widely applied; Technologies using renewable energy from nature (wind power, solar cell, biomass gasification, biogas …) are completed in Vietnamese conditions to transfer to the training subjects and other partners.

– New occupations are opened such as Electronics for Energy and Building Technology; Mechanics for Sanitary, Heating and Climate Technology and 18 existing training programs will be integrated with green technology based on German standards.

– Teachers of invested training programme in the project are trained to use proficiently procured equipment, including the occupations Electrical – Electronics, Energy and Building Technology, Mechanics for Sanitary, Heating and Climate Technology,

– Skilled students and workers are directly involved in the production of green products.

– VCMI will become a high quality centre for Green TVET, a place to introduce, display and transfer products of Green training technology in Vietnam; To be the focal point for connecting national and international networks on green vocational training, especially ASEAN countries.

A workshop was held under the operation of the Project

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