Head: MA. Le Minh Nguyet
Address Work: Zone A – Department  of administrative organization
Phone: 0987.919.658

Deputy Head: Bachelor. Nguyen Thi Hue
Address Work: Zone A –  Department of administration and organization
Phone: 0902.499.652

Deputy Head: MA. Nguyen Van Minh
Address Work: Zone A –  Department  of administration and organization
Phone: 0983.764.773

1-Position, function
–  Department of administration and organization is the functional unit of the College of Machinery and irrigation. The department has functions on developing plans, implementing organizations and staff to help the principal on the organization of officers, administrative tasks, governance, writing, storage, emulation reward, discipline, the security of order and protecting the internal politics of School as prescribed by law.
– Management of officers and employees; Property management of the school and the property of the unit assigned by the school.

2-Duties and powers
– Department of administration and organization performs the duties and powers specified in clause 4, article 14 of the regulation and operation of the school in accordance with decision No. 02/QD – CG & TL dated 02/01/2018 and the following specific content :

The Organization of personnel work
– Developing the implementation plans and staff to help the principal on the fields:
– Organizing the personnels and structures; Planning, appointment, exemption, operation of officers and development of the appropriate officers staff to ask the development of the school in each stage..
– Recruitment, contracting on work, arranging staff personnel on the quota, rank, title in accordance with the level, the capacity and the profession has been trained according to regulations. To monitor and audit the organization of management and labor use throughout the school.
– Resolving the retirement regime, terminating work contract, retrenchment and other policy regimes for officials and employees: consider to lift wages, adjusting sub-categories; The insurance regime… The organization of quota, transfer, salary as prescribed.
– Training and fostering advanced level of officials as prescribed.

– Issue the documents specified officers and students regarding the Executive Charter, the provisions of the school and the laws of the State ensure the implementation of the democratic regulations of the premises.
– Rewarding emulation, proposing measures to maintain and promote the emulation movement of rewards in the school.
– Developing a propaganda plan on the way of the party, the state law policy for officials and students.
– Checking, urging the officer to perform the functions, professional duties, executive policy, laws of the State, rules, regulations and regulations of the school.
– Managing records, update information about officials and employees.
– Inspecting, evaluating of certificates, proposal for handling of violations.
– Executing reports as required by competent level.
– Participating in the inspection, resoluting complaints, and petitions related to the school officials. Implementating the legislation, protecting internal politics.
– Organizing the implementation of assessment and classificating of officials.

– Being a permanent member of the board: Recruitment officers, emulation reward, discipline and other Board related by the Principal Director of the establishment
– Administrative work
– Managing the use of seal as prescribed.
– Managing and storing documents. Sending timely and accurating types of documents to individual collective. Reception, emails transaction, fax and phone.
– Informating the required contents according to the requirements of the leaders to the collective and individuals inside and outside of campus.
– Tracking, managing and granting referrals, road papers,… For officials.
– Managing, use effectively office’s equipment, print documents.
– Organizing and developing plans for the implementation of asset protection, fire prevention, labour safety, industrial hygiene and disaster prevention.
– Deploying national movement to protect the homeland security; Self-defense, security and defense work. Implementing internal political protection, keeping the order security in the field.
– In charge of reception, opening ceremony, managing the living room. The organization has welcome domestic and foreign visitors to the business school, arranging customers to the functional units to solve the job.
– Coordinating the organization of Public holidays, New Year’s activities, conferences and seminars…
– Managing fleet for planning service, repairing and car coordination, service of school’s activities.
– Sending mails, greeting cards, flower greetings or condolences of the school to the collective, individuals who are in relation to the school
– Management and Facilities:
– Managing, planning procurement, maintenance,  repairing facilities, equipment for teaching, learning, scientific research, the work of officials and employees.
– Participating in investment projects, design and basic construction works.
– Organizing the implementation of environmental sanitation, garden care, greenery, ensuring the landscaping of green, clean and beautiful.
– Managing facilities and equipment of the school; Maintenance and repairing electrical systems, living water, drainage of water on campus; Monitoring of the entire land infrastructure, fences, transportation systems, sewer systems… In the area of the school, preventing violations of land of the school, protecting the geographical integrity of the school.

– Being a permanent member of the board: recruitment, emulation of rewards and discipline, Payroll Council and other Council as determined by the principal
– Doing other work done by the leadership of the school.

3- The Organization of Structure
Based on assigned tasks function, the expected delivery of the department: 20 people including:
+ Head: 01 person
+ Deputy Head: 02 people
+ Staff, expert: 17 people

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