Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology

Dean: MA. Pham The Phong
Work Address: Faculty of Information Technology – Zone A – 2nd Floor
Phone: 0251.2222258
Email: phongcg3@gmail.com

1-Position and functions

– Faculty of Information Technology is the Expertise faculty of The College of Machinery and irrigation. The falcuty has functions to teach foreign languages and subjects/basic modules and vocational skills in the field of information technology at 03 level levels: College, intermediate and primary;
– Managing teachers, students, and property delivered by the school;

2-Duties and powers
– Faculty of Information Technology performs the duties and powers specified in clause 4, article 14 of the regulation and operation of the school in accordance with decision No. 02/QD – CG & TL dated 02/01/2018 and the following specific contents:

Teaching work:
– Organizing, teaching foreign language and academic subjects/modules and expertise in college, intermediate and primary level according to the school’s overall plan.
– Developing, editing programs, curriculum, outline subjects/modules, test Bank, reference materials, equipment and facilities for teaching and learning.
– Managing faculty personnel. Assigning teachers to follow the plan, adjusting the teaching plan as necessary.
– Performing the Mission: to manage the point and do the documents, to store the prescribed records; Implementating plans and coordinating regulatory exams.
– Developing plans and proposals to improve the professional qualifications and professional staff of faculty.
– Performing scientific research as prescribed and participate in the movements, the contest is released by the school.
– Proposal to establish the group of subject (if necessary)

Managing student’s education
– Assigning head teachers to the class.
– Coordinating well with units in school and parents who perform comprehensively educational work for students.
– Coordinating with function departments, implementing the State policy regime for students on scholarships, social subsidition, insurance, training credits and other modes relating to students.

Other works:
– Performing the political education of thought, moral lifestyle for the faculty lectures. Periodically organizing assessment, classificating officers and lecturers as prescribed.
– Managing, exploiting and using effectively facilities and equipment. Planning supplies, internship equipment, maintenance plans. Arranging workshops and implementing 5S standards.
– Coordinating with function departments, admissions support centers and job consultants, contact for business internship; Job introduction for Students after graduation.
– In collaboration with the Accounting Finance Department examining the situation of tuition, examination fees and other revenues according to semester, school year.
– Performing annual self-inspection work as planned.
– Participating in advisory board as decided by the principal
– Implementing the reporting regime in accordance with the superior level.
– Performing other tasks assigned by school managing board.

3-Structure of the organization
Based on the functions and responsibilities assigned, expected payroll falcuty: 14 people include:
+ Dean: 01
+ Vice dean: 01
+ Lectures: 12

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