Department of Accounting and Finance

Department of Accounting and Finance

Head of Department: M.A. Tran Thi Hanh

Office: Department of Accounting and Finance

Phone: 0972.716.359


 Deputy Head of Department: B.A. Le Duy Dong

Office: Department of Accounting and Finance

Phone: 038.9891168


1. Position and functions:

– Department of Accounting and Finance is the unit under College of Machinary and Irrigation (VCMI). It has functions: Developing and organizing to implement the annual financial plan, advising the Rector of the accounting and financial affairs, internal control work, asset management work, final settlement of contracts, monitoring the expenditures of the VCMI.

– Managing officials, staff and assets assigned by the Rector.

2. Responsibilities and authority

Department of Accounting and Finance has the responsibilities and authority stipulated at Clause 4.3, Article 13 of Regulation on organization and operation of VCMI issued at Decision 02/QD-CG&TL dated 02/01/2018, as follow:

– Developing and organizing to implement the annual financial plan.

– Development of revenues and expenditures estimation yearly submitted to Rector for approving to implement a whole year.

– Presiding over the implementation of revenues and expenditures task, check the spending of capital amounts, the using of material.

– Setting up the accounting system according to the Government’s current accounting policy, as well as apply to organize accounting system under the characteristics of the VCMI.

– To do settlement of the revenues and expenditures quarterly, six-month and annual on schedule; do the advance transaction and advance clearing transaction report to authorities yearly.

– Making statistics, synthesizing data and providing information on the field of finance and accounting to serve the management work;

– Check, control, monitor the receivable from customers accounts and payable for customers accounts;

– Preserving and archiving accounting vouchers, documents, accounting data in compliance with current regulations of the Government, scientific, convenience for seeking or accessing.

– Check the abiding and compliance with the principles, procedures, processes in the field of finance and accounting of the units throughout the college;

– Monitoring and liquidation of joint training contracts;

– Organizing asset inventory;

– Proposing and organizing the implementation of improvement methods in accounting in the direction of thriftiness and efficiency;

– Manage, exploit and effectively use the facilities and equipment assigned by the college. Proposing addition, maintenance of equipment be assigned.

– Organize, instruct, educate, and train professional skills in accounting and financial management for the staffs to improve their professionalism, ensure to have a competent and necessary qualities contingency force;

– Studying documents of the relevant agencies related to the field of finance and accounting advising the Board of Rectors and applying them to the college’s operation.

– Guide units and unions in the VCMI to strictly comply with the financial policies, regulations, and procedures.

– Join the Advisory Councils follow decisions issued by Rector.

– Making report regimes comply with the authority’s regulations.

– Do other responsibilities to be assigned by Rector or Vice Rector.

3. Organizational structure

Based on the assigned functions and responsibilities, the expected staffing of the Department: 6 persons, including:

+ Head of Department: 01 person

+ Deputy Head of Department: 01 person

+ Staff: 04 persons.

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