Head : M.S. Pham Duy Dong

Office: Zone A- Training Department

Phone : 0908.804.651


Deputy Head : M.S Dinh Thi Nguyet

Office: Zone A- Training Department

Phone: 0907.619428


1- Position and functions

The Department of Training is a functional unit of the College of Machinery and Irrigation. The Training Department has the function of advising the Rector on the management and training development plan in the vocational education system including  College, Intermediate, Elementary, Bridge Program and Continuing Education.

Developing  plans and organizing the implementation and management of training levels and type of training of the school. The Training Department  is responsible for managing and developing the school’s library

Managing officials, staffs and assets of the unit assigned by the Rector.

2- Responsibilities and authority

–  The Training Department has the responsibilities and authority stipulated at Clause 4.1, Article 13 of Regulation on organization and operation of VCMI issued at Decision No. 02/QD-CG&TL dated 02/01/2018, as follow:

  1. a) Developing plans and training programs, developing a new occupation with its code.

-Researching and propose to the School Board  about the development orientation of the school in terms of scale, occupations and training method suitable with the social needs and conditions of VCMI.

-Sponsoring in the development of plans, contents, training programs, and compiling textbooks for various occupations.

-Developing and proposing the number of students targets every year for the type of training.

– Sponsoring and developing plans for practice, contents, training programs, and compiling textbooks for various. Coordinating with the Center for Student Admissions Support and Employment Consultancy, the Departments to organize and implement

– Sponsoring and organizing the discussions to renovate teaching and learning methods, approach advanced training methods in order to improve the training quality of VCMI.

– Coordinating with the Administrative Management Department and other departments to develop  plans for training and retraining, assessing the capacity of lecturers annually.

  1. b) Organizing and managing teaching and learning activities.

– Sponsoring and coordinating with related units to develop and submit to the Rector to issue training management documents. Proposing to the Rector to issue regulations on management of the training process at all levels and type of training of VCMI.

-Developing and submitting to the Rector for approval and perform of the progress and plan for teaching and learning according to the training program.

– Managing lecturers, implementing teaching and learning plans according to the program and annual teaching plans of VCMI.

– Collaborating with the Testing and Quality Assurance Department, the Student Affairs Department  checking and supervising teaching activities, other duties of teachers. Managing and supervising students’ internships at VCMI and the company.

– Receiving newly enrolment. Arranging the list of student  by occupations. Managing student records.

-Managing diplomas and certificates, academic transcripts. Preparing documents to submit to the Rector for consideration of decisions on successful candidates, transfer school, suspension, confirming that the students graduated and awarding diplomas and certificates for students.

– Coordinating with departments, confirming that the teachers have enough time, overtime , not enough time  to make payments as prescribed.

– Making payment  for invigilating, marking at the examinations and teaching for the teachers

  1. c) Coordinating with the Testing and Quality Assurance Department to organize examinations.

– Managing and storing the tests and scores of students after graduation, the scores of classes. Performing clerical work, storing and counting to serve the management of the Department and VCMI.

– Organizing the contests for teachers and students.

– Checking the program, documents, curriculum, exam bank

– Managing the content about training information of VCMI.

  1. d) Organizing activities of the general subjects

– Developing  training plans,  teacher plans to teach the  general subjects.

– Teaching the general subject; Studying and improving teaching methods, training quality. Organizing professional activities; scientific research, application and technology in the teaching .

-Organizing the class observation and exchanging experiences; coordinating with the departments to evaluate and rate teachers.

-Organizing periodic tests, final exams, graduation exams according to the school’s general plan.

  1. e) Making the statistics and periodic reports, report at the request of the competent authority and the Rector.
  2. f) Being in charge of library activities of the school, make plans to purchase documents and textbooks to serve the training and studying of the staffs, teachers and students.
  3. g) Being a permanent member of Councils: Enrolments, Graduation and other councils decided by the Rector.
  4. h) Organizing the assessment and classification of lecturers according to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.
  5. i) Organizing and performing projects on vocational education.
  6. k) Performing other duties assigned by the Rector.

3.Organization structure

– Based on the assigned functions and responsibilities, the expected staffing of the Department: 11 persons, including:

+ Head: 01 person

+ Deputy Head: 02 persons

+ Staffs, Specialists: 04 persons

+ Lecturers: 04 persons

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