International training program

International training program

  1. Transferred program from the Federal Republic of Germany:

Implementing the Decision No. 934/QD-LDTBXH dated 18 July, 2018 of the Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs on approving plans and regulations to organize the pilot training at college level for 22 key occupations at the international level. In which, the College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI) is assigned to recruit students and provide training for two occupations, including: Surface constructional machine operation and Industrial Electrical Engineering. Currently the College has enrolled enough 18 students/ class according to assigned targets.

In order to perform well the assigned tasks right after receiving the Decision, the College has actively developed a training strategy according to the model of a separated training project, focusing on in-depth analysis to identify the core competencies at each job position that students need to achieve. Implementation methods should focus on the main pillars, including:

– Teachers

– Facilities – training equipment

– School administration

– Linkage with enterprises.

With the determination to successfully complete the assigned tasks, the College of Machinery and Irrigation will deploy the most appropriate training strategy to help students after the courses to accumulate basic knowledge about careers and in-depth practical skills; having responsibility for work and being ready to respond quickly to the changing market of technology.

  1. High quality green TVET program

In the framework of the project “Programme Reform of Technical and Vocational Education and Training – Centre of Excellence for Green TVET” with the goals:

Strengthening the training capacity and facilities for VCMI to build the College into a high quality Green TVET center in Vietnam; contribute to providing a qualified labor force to meet the needs of developing a “Green” and sustainable economy in the process of industrialization, modernization and international integration of Vietnam.

With the help of the German GIZ, in recent years, the College has worked with international experts from the Federal Republic of Germany to organize many advanced courses for managers, employees; supplementing modern training equipment to serve the needs of training in the field of Electrical – Electronics and Mechanical Engineering.

Especially, with the help of leading experts in the field of environment from Germany to build the Green module (Environmental protection, energy and resource efficiency), this module was tested and integrated in all VCMI training programs, the Green module also meets the requirements for output standards for all of the current training programs of the institutions. Green module has been transferred to the managers and teachers of 12 key colleges and intermediate schools in Ho Chi Minh City and 10 institutions under the GIZ project.

As a result, after being transferred and replicated, most institutions have actively planned action plans to apply the Green module to the training programs and implement Greening activities in the institutions.

Currently, the College is being supported by top technical experts of GIZ from the Federal Republic of Germany to develop intermediate, college level output standards for 02 new occupations: Plant Mechanic for Sanitary, Heating, and Climate Technology and Electronic for Energy Efficiency and Buidling Technology. After completing, the experts of GIZ – VCMI – the enterprises participating in the project proceed to build the training programs for the two above-mentioned occupations up to international standards and on par with the training program of Germany. It is expected that after the completion of the program, students will be recruited for training in the new school year 2020  -2021.

  1. Logictics training program

The Aus4Skills program between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Australia on the development of human resources of Logistics is of particular interest to the College. With the strength in training work and experienced staff and lecturers, the College is the official unit selected to join the Logistics Training Advisory Board under the above-mentioned Aus4Skills Program. With the help of the Aus4Skills Program, the College has assigned many lecturers to participate in training courses for management, assessment and development of vocational standards to develop training programs for 04 Logistics occupations meeting Australia’s professional standards, including: Logistics Administration Officer, Warehouse Supervisor, Forklift Operator, and Warehouse Operator. Currently, the College has conducted new training courses to update vocational standards of APEC for Forklift Operator (Forklift driver).

In the aforementioned series of activities and roles, on 3 May, 2018, the College was honored to welcome and work with the Aus4Skills program. At the meeting, the program’s experts had a chance to visit the College’s facilities and training equipment and enterprises accompanying with the College in training, talking with officials, lecturers and trainees of Forklift Operator.

Board of rectors and experts in the working session on 3 May, 2018

Through the role of a member of the Aus4Skills Program Advisory Board, the College contributes to improving the content of the training program and the training quality of the Logistics in general and the Forklift Operator in particular in the global development of business as today.

Some photos of the meeting with the experts of the Aus4Skills program

Representatives from enterprises and the board of rectors welcomed the experts of Aus4Skills Program

Practicing Forklift Operator at the College

Enterprise Survey by VCMI staff


Video Clip