Head : M.S Pham Ngoc Tuyen

Address: Zone B- Department  of Student Affairs

Telephone : 0968.241.116


Deputy Head : Nguyen Duc Tho

Address: Zone B- Department of Student Affairs

Telephone : 0978.274679


1- Position and functions:

–  The Department of Student Affairs is a functional unit of the College of Machinery and Irrigation. The Department has the function of advising and assisting the Principal in the management and education of students. Developing a management plan and organizing the implementation of tasks related to the management and education of students.

– Managing staffs and assets of the unit assigned by the Rector.

2- Responsibilities and authority

–  The Department of Student Affairs has the responsibilities and authority stipulated at Clause 4.6, Article 13 of Regulation on organization and operation of VCMI issued at Decision 02/QD-CG&TL dated 02/01/2018, as follow:

– Developing and organizing the implementation of management and education plan for students.

– Arranging classrooms, keeping the number of students, checking the compliance with internal rules and regulations of student. Managing the training of students in each semester of the academic year.

– Coordinating with Youth Union to organize cultural activities, sports, extracurricular activities for students. Organizing students to participate in Sports Day.

– Coordinating with local authorities to handle issues related to students.

– Organizing propaganda, dissemination and education of laws on traffic safety, prevention of drug-related crimes, prostitution, HIV / AIDS and other activities related to students.

– Collaborating with form teachers, subject teachers and their parents in the management and education of students.

– Coordinating with the departments, organize the implementation of the state policies for students on scholarships, social benefits, insurance, training credits and other regimes.

– Dealing with students who violate discipline; propose rewarding and disciplining students’ regulations.

– Receiving all applications and complaints related to students to resolve or report to the Rector for settlement.

-Organizing and managing boarders.

– Organizing the implementation of environmental sanitation and public order

-Monitoring and checking the work of the form teachers, supervising the implementation of the teaching plan and managing students’ teachers.

– Member of the Council: Admissions, Graduation, Commendation and Discipline Students and other councils are decided by the Rector.

– Performing other duties assigned by the Rector.


– Based on the assigned functions and responsibilities, the expected staffing of the Department: 9 persons, including:

+ Head: 01

+ Deputy Head: 01

+ Staffs, teachers: 7

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