Celebrate 90th Anniversary of the founding of Viet Nam Women’s Union (20/10/1930 – 20/10/2020)

Celebrate 90th Anniversary of the founding of Viet Nam Women’s Union (20/10/1930 – 20/10/2020)

On 11 October 2020, the women’s union, labor union of the College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI) celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the founding of Viet Nam Women’s Union

In the atmosphere with excitement of the upcoming 13th National Party Congress in Autumn of October, Vietnamese women over the whole country joyfully and proudly celebrated the 9th anniversary of the founding of Viet Nam women’s union (20/10/1930-20/10/2020). Executive committee and women’s committee of VCMI’s Union, upon the approval of the College’s Party committee, hold a ceremony to celebrate the 90-year foundation of the Viet Nam women’s union.

The ceremony is organized to spread and review the glorious tradition of Vietnamese women and their contribution to the national construction and defence and the national industrialization and modernization. This is also the opportunity for female staff and teachers of the College to communicate, hang together and show off their talent and creativeness.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong – Rector and Secretary of VCMI’s Party Committee, Mr. Pham Duy Dong – Chairman of VCMI’s Union; Mr. Pham Ngoc Tuyen – Secretary of VCMI’s Youth Union, members of the Party Committee, Board of Rectors and the Union’s executive committee, Heads and Vice Heads of departments, male colleagues and 87 female staff and teachers fully attended.

Overview of the Ceremony

At the beginning of the Ceremony, Ms. Le Minh Nguyet – Head of the women’s committee reviewed the history of Viet Nam women Union, glorious tradition, good qualities of Vietnamese women, and their important contribution to the reform period in Viet Nam, thereby encouraging women to proactively study to improve their qualifications, try to excellently finish job, emulate enthusiastically good teaching emulation and confirm the role of women in general and women working in the education sector in particular.

With the number of female employees of VCMI is 86/178, accounting for 48.3% of the total employees, of which 21/54 have master’s degrees, 9/28 (32.1 %) are female managers, which shows the gender equality rights between women and men is gradually shortening. In addition to the role of a mother and a wife, they have always performed well their duties, affirming their capacities in each working position, making their efforts to learn better. There are many female cadres and teachers who have won the title of excellent teachers at all levels, successfully completed tasks, proactively participated in movement activities, always affirming that they are “Good at work in the country and in housework” and was awarded by his superiors.

On behalf of the Party Committee and Board of Rectors, Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Rector of the College gave female staff and teachers’ credit for their contributions to the construction and development of the College and encouraged them to engage in emulation movement for good employee, proactively study to improve qualifications in all aspects, build-up  “prosperity, happy and advanced civilized families and improve the performance of the Women’s Committee and the College’s union. At the end of the speaking, the Rector, on behalf of the College’s management, presented flowers to female staff and teachers on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10.

Attending the meeting, Ms. Pham Thi Duan – Lecturer of Faculty of Economics had the talk about the topic of the training program on “Fostering Female Empowerment and leadership in Vocational Education and Training (VET) from Australia’s experience”, this is one of the training courses under the program “Vietnam-Australia Human Resources Development Partnership  (Aus4Skills)”. Its content aimed at raising awareness of women and its leadership, enhancing women’s confidence to work effectively in the organization, establishing and strengthening relationships at work and in life as well as determining appropriate solutions to promote gender equality.

Ms. Pham Thi Duanlecturer of the faculty of economics sharing about the topic

Continue promoting the good tradition of Vietnamese people “The leaves protect tattered ones” and the human and cultural values of the College, the Women’s Committee launched the movement namely “rice saving jars” to all female staff and teachers through the form of piggy bank raising. This movement aims at raising the sense of saving, kindness and sympathy towards women in difficult circumstances to help each other overcome difficulties and to progress together.

Giving piggy banks to the College’s Union groups

After the meeting part is the long-waiting moments of the Ao Dai Show “VCMI Charming” performed and participated by female staff and teachers of the College’s union groups. Each group brought to the show their unique performance with themes about homeland and Vietnamese women. With the spirit of work hard, play hard, the stage was shining with the performances by female staff and

teachers who is looking so graceful and creative in Viet Nam traditional dress Ao Dai with patterns representing the cultures of the three regions of the country, who would ever think that female teachers of a Vocational College who usually stick with the images of having hammers, pliers on hand while teaching look so graceful and creative on the stage.

At the end of the ceremony, Ms. Le Minh Nguyet, on behalf of female staff and teachers of the College, expressed the sincere thanks to the male managers and colleagues and beloved husbands for their help and supports to create the best conditions for their female colleagues to progress and develop together. Regardless of any circumstances, female staff and teachers of the College will always unite together and promote the good traditions and qualities of Vietnamese Women. ; develop capacity, study and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh, emulate good teaching, practise thrift, overcome difficulties, successfully complete all tasks, contribute to the development of the College and remain worthy of the eight golden words “Heroism – Determination- Faithfulness, Resourcefulness” that is presented by Uncle Ho.

Photos of the Ceremony

Male colleagues giving Viet Nam Women Day flowers to female Colleagues

The performance won the first place “VCMI women ready for the World” by  the Economics – Information – Foreign languages Union group.

The young and dynamic performance by  the Faculty of Basic Science

The performance “Ron rang sac xuan” by the Training – Finance & Accounting Union group

Female teachers of Electronics – Mechanics Union Group
 graceful with the dance act in the song music “Ao dai que huong”

Graceful women in different Ao Dai patterns from all regions of the Country– performed by Administrative Organization – Student Affairs Union groups

Music entertainment to celebrate Viet Nam Woman Day 20.10

The Women’s Committee – VCMI

Video Clip